"I love your script ... I'll probably love it even more when I've read it."



Help & Advice

Whether you’re a production company or an independent writer, if you feel your screenplay would benefit from the observations of a screenwriter who’s worked for nearly all the Hollywood studios and several A-list actors, please get in touch.

Script consultancy doesn’t have to be expensive – and it can pay dividends if it helps your scripts sell, or gives them what they need to persuade a major actor or director to come on board.

Nurturing Talent

Coming to me for advice doesn’t mean you’re going to be re-written or have to share credit – my script consultancy can range from simply providing a sounding board to being a mentor covering every aspect of how to write a screenplay.

As an award-winning Creative Director in Advertising and Associate Lecturer at several universities and colleges, including the Scriptwriting MA course at Bournemouth University, I have had considerable success nurturing creative talent.