"What writing is the most lucrative? ... Ransom notes."

H. N. Swanson


TV Credits

The Max Headroom Show / UK Series

Spitting Image / Central TV UK

The Magnificent Seven / CBS

Uneasy Money  /  Touchstone TV

Jack London’s Call of the Wild  /  Animal Planet

Dennis & Gnasher  /  BBC

Feature Film Commissions

A Street Cat Named Bob  /  Book adaptation for Shooting Script Films/Sony

Blake & Mortimer  /  Graphic novel adaptation for Belga Films

The Journey of the Elephant Soliman  /  FFL Germany 
Winner of the Best Animation Screenplay, International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2017

The Shipping Man  /  Book adaptation for Lars Wogan

Hugo  /  Feature animation for Anima

Remote  /  Universal

Keeping Mum  /  Tristar

The Man Who Knew Too Little  /  (Production polish) Warner Bros

Indian Princesses  /  Universal

Mad Magazine  /  Warner Bros

Madison Avenue  /  Columbia

Echo  /  Paramount

Totally London  /  Hollywood Pics (rewrite)

Mr Headmistress  /  Walt Disney (rewrite)

Doctor Jekyll & Ms Hyde  /  Savoy

The Scarlet Pimpernel  /  Spelling Features

Half-Empty Half-Full  /  Tristar (rewrite)

Accidents Will Happen  /  Stonebridge (rewrite)

Stripping Assets  /  Picadilly Pictures

Whisky Galore  /  Whisky Galore Films

Mermaids in Manhattan  /  Jersey Films/Universal

Dead Sexy  /  Pathé

The Gamble  /  Showtime/BBC/Granada Film

Simon Says  /  Pathé

Beast of Eden  /  Spitting Image Productions

Mad Dogs & Frenchman  /  Pathé

Havana Heat  /  Tritec

Big G  /  HandMade Films

TVP  /  HandMade Films

Desperately Seeking Santa  /  BSkyB

To Prussia With Love  /  FFP New Media, Germany

Champions  /  Filmline, Germany

Published Books
“Adventures in LA-LA Land”  / CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

“Not tonight, darling”  /  Sphere books

“Shock Horrorscopes”  /  Sphere books