"I wanted to win the Oscar so I'd get more scripts without other actors' coffee stains on them."

Michael Caine


Some current projects


Low to mid budget. Premise: When a shrink to the rich and famous hits his head in an accident and can no longer keep anything secret, his clients try everything to shut him up.

“FAST CARS” /  Action Thriller

High budget. Inspired by a true story, an unsolved murder, “Fast Cars” combines the smart intrigue and character of NOW YOU SEE ME with the playful and dangerous high octane action of movies like THE FAST & THE FURIOUS.


Mid-budget. Inspired by the true story of Helen Duncan, the psychic who was actually tried as a witch in 1944 because M.I.5 thought ghosts at her seances were leaking military secrets.

“WHO’S THE FATHER” /  Fish-out-of-water Romantic Comedy

Mid-budget. Rumour has it in that in certain remote parts of Italy, if a married couple could not conceive a child within a year of being married, then the local priest could be secretly employed to try and make that possible. But what if the priest falls in love with the wife?


A fresh comedy/drama based on the critically-acclaimed novel “On Mermaid Avenue” by Binnie Kirshenbaum, who was listed as one of the best 25 American writers under 40.